Smoothie Recipes - Available Now

    We're pleased to announce the release of a brand new app for Windows Phone; 201 Smoothie Recipes. Featuring a smooth and sleek design, the app offers a huge range of smoothie recipes. From healthy to fruity to unusual, you won't find a more complete list of smoothie recipes than ours. The smoothie recipes are arranged logically by fruit, and you can save your favourites for quick access in the future. Each recipe includes a full colour photo of the finishged smoothie, plus you can switch from Metric to Imperial measurements at any time.

    And for those looking for a taster, we have also released the companion app 101 Smoothie Recipes. This is the same app as the 201 Smoothie Recipes, but has half the recipes. And is completely free to download.




    Both apps are available to dwnload from the Windows Store now.

    201 Smoothie Recipes. Price: £0.79

    101 Smoothie Recipes. Price: Free


    Game Delayed

    Unfortunately, the Windows Phone game we had in thepipeline has been delayed. We're not sure of the release date as yet, but hopefully will be in May 2015.

    However, we're not just sat around twiddling our thumbs. We've released 2 apps during the last month; 201 Smoothie Recipes and the counterpart app, 101 Smoothi Recipes. Both are available to download from the Windows Phone store right now.


    New Project in Development!

    Jorgol Studios is currently working on a new game for the Windows Phone 8 Platform!

    We can't say too much about it yet (it doesn't even have a title at the moment), but we're very excited about it. All being well, we expect a February 2015 release date.

    The project page will be going up in the coming days, so keep checking back for updates...


    Cake Wars 1.1 Update

    Cake Wars for Windows Phone update 1.1 is now live in the store.

    No major updates for this release as most of the changes were to the back end, but the summary of the updates is as follows:

    • Fixed the update with some text not being readable for players using Light themes. All text is now readable
    • The option to use the original Dope Wars "product" names has been reinstated. Simply turn it on in the Options menu
    • A few minor code changes

    Please update to the latest version next time you play.


    If you do have any issues when playing Cake Wars, please drop us a line at the following email address so we can address them:


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